Experience MobileMe for your iPhone : Only $3/Month – Limited Time Offer! [Quantity Remaining – 0]

Hurry, only 4 0 more account(s) available!

MobileMe is poised to give a whole new look to .mac with a not so interesting domain .me but the exclusive new features will definitely add to the new iPhone experience (on both 2.5G and 3G), particularly for the average user who cannot afford an ‘Exchange Server hosting Email/Contacts/Calendar’.

Push Email, Push Contacts, Push Calendar are truly revolutionary by minimizing the hassles involved in keeping all the information in sync on your PC/Mac, Mobile Device and Online hub realtime! Yes, realtime is the key here and it is all done in style! Follow this link to learn more about the service.

Not ready to hand over your new email and you still want Gmail/Other mail with ‘Push’ service? Forward the mail to your .Mac email account and there you go, Push Push!

Now for the most exciting part : You can enjoy this brand new service for only $36 for one full year. You will get a whopping 5GB storage space for all your Email/Online Storage and Web Space. There is always an optional storage upgrade option. This is the cheapest alternative to an otherwise expensive $99/year service. I would like to extend this service to 4 0 user(s) on a ‘first come first served basis’.

This service is open to new and existing trial/expired .mac accounts. You are entitled for an optional username@me.com address along with a username@mac.com identity. Your account will be created instantly as soon as the paypal payment is realized.

Come out with your desired user name (Check if the user name you are looking for is available : http://idisk.mac.com/desiredusername-Public) and start using your .Mac services NOW! Your full name, desired username and date of birth as payment remarks on Paypal payment page will definitely help expedite the whole process and set your .Mac services up and running in no time!

p.s : We are essentially sharing a Family Pack to keep the costs affordable for experiencing MobileMe. If you are a power user and need 20GB space, you have the option to upgrade to bigger storage or you can signup for the regular $99/year price at Mac.com.

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  1. We are just sharing a family pack – My internet family. This is clearly a preview of the service for new entrants. This post will be long gone as soon as the last account is given away!

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