Redsn0w is the new QuickPwn – Activate,Jailbreak,Unlock iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G / 3GS, iPod Touch Firmware 3.0 [Windows and Mac]

Redsn0w is a revolutionary way to jailbreak, activate, unlock an array of Apple’s devices based on iPhone 3.0 firmware. Devices like iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 1G/2G can easily be jailbroken, activated and unlocked (iPhone 2G – Automatic, iPhone 3G – Manually via Cydia & Ultrasn0w).

If you don’t want to go through the following steps and you just want the real deal, follow this guide rather wherein you can download the custom firmware file which should do the job for you!

The tool itself is so neatly packaged that there is not much left for you to figure out, just launch the application and follow the onscreen directions. All you have to do is download the following files to your computer (Windows or Intel based Mac) :

Step by step guide :

  • Also download bootloader packages 39_46 ONLY if you are using iPhone 2G and place them in the same folder where Redsn0w resides
  • Launch Redsn0w on your computer and click on ‘Browse’ button

screenshot 12

  • Locate the firmware file on your computer (It should be on your computer since you updated to 3.0 via iTunes). If you updated on a different machine, download the firmware file from the downloads section.
  • On Windows, make sure ‘View hidden files’ option is enabled. It should be found at C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\
  • On a Mac it can be found at ~/Users/Username/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/
  • Click on ‘Next >’ button followed by another ‘Next >’ button
  • Make sure your iPhone / iPod Touch is turned off and is connected to your computer and click ‘Next >’ button
  • Now for the infamous DFU mode. Don’t freak out if you fail the first time, it is quite common. Watch the DFU steps video to make sure you get it right the first time. Follow the onscreen hints to get to the DFU mode.
  • After successful completion of the 3 requisite steps (Power, Home+Power, Home), let it do its thing. Give it a little over 7 minutes for the process to complete.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully activated, jailbroken (unlocked*) your device!

Unlocked refers to iPhone 2G only since it automagically unlocks iPhone 2Gs. iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS needs manual software unlock software found in Cydia. Follow this guide for step by step instructions to install Ultrasn0w Software Unlock. iPod Touch doesn’t need unlock step since it was never locked to begin with 😉

86 Replies to “Redsn0w is the new QuickPwn – Activate,Jailbreak,Unlock iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G / 3GS, iPod Touch Firmware 3.0 [Windows and Mac]”

    1. I am so frustrated and upset with myself. I thought I almost had it last night. I believe itunes said restoring from backup and yet nothing ever happened. Every time i reboot or turn on off nothing..just the apple and moments later the bar under it. I don't know what to do. Can you help? Is it all gone again?

      1. Looks like it. I know it is frustrating at the start but after today, you will ace it… don't worry.

        iTunes restoring from backup doesn't always play well with jailbroken iPhones unfortunately …

        Give it another shot – redsn0w and see what happens…

  1. I beleive it said restoring from backup on the itunes last night. Then it began syncing and nothing ever happened or progressed. Now even after I reboot on turn on/off nothing shows except the apple and moments later the bar. Im so frustrated Im so sorry I thought I had it last night . Can you help me?

    1. Try not to restore from backup – that way you can minimize these issues/problems.

      Unplug your iPhone form PC, push home power button and turn it off completely…

      Now while holding home button plug it back in and restore to 3.0.1 and then redsn0w it.

      1. Insane I have been trying to get the redsn0w to recognize the firmware and it wont. I even downloaded it again to make sure and nothing. I keep getting IPSW not recognized

          1. Ok I got through that step and selected the Cydia and unlock option. The problem Im having is that I cant turn off the phone unless i hold both home and power button. then when it goes through its thing it says no device is detected. I cant get the slide to power off to show.

          2. Hmmmm, you have to try different combinations to let redsn0w recognize your iPhone. How I wish you were in the same city as mine!

  2. So I keep forcing it off by holding both and when its a blank screen go through all the stuff. Still doesnt recognize. Maybe im not in DFU mode which Ive read n think im doing right. What else can I try. Everything leads back to the apple with the bar under it. Even after I put in recovery mode, shut it down, try to finish redsn0w, nothing it all brings me back to the apple/bar

  3. I was able to finally use the redsn0w successfully. I have all icons on the screen. What do I need to do next so I dont loose it all again. How do I get my tmobile SIM to work and how do I use the Itunes. U said not to use the backup option. How do I sync then. Any help with this will b greatly appreciated. I can almost see a light at the end of this.

          1. yes i see the cydia logo. The Tmobile doesn't show in the corner it says no service. When I click Cydia it asks who are you…User, hacker developer..

          2. upgrade essential…complete upgrade or ignore…what do i select? Do i then just do a search for bootneuter

      1. FINALLY. TMOBILE and I can make calls. Thank you for your patience you are awesome. Of course now im scared to death to try to get my stuff back on there. ANy suggestions on how to start. I tunes ask asks if i want to restore from backup or set up a new phone not sure what that means. Shouldnt all my music and contacts already be there somewhere from the last time I synced??

  4. Hi I am thinking of jailbreaking my iPhone 3g with OS but am worried that I will break my phone could someone tell me the risks and problem tht may accure by jailbreaking my phone ??

      1. im on a mac and i followed the steps then got that mac link for the fix dfu thing and then i did it and nothing. i looked at that and it said i need to be on 10.5.6 and im on 10.5.8 so idk if that matters but its still not rebooting on that screen

        1. 10.5.8 should be just fine. Do you see the waiting or reboot message on redsn0w? You have to unplug your iPhone and plug it back in.. that's the only reason I can think of (I am assuming you are using a 3G iPhone, Intel Mac)…

  5. hi.i hv iphone version 3.0 and i did erse all setting and i didn't take out the sim now i can connect to the computer and the usb,itunes logo is on the screen after what should i do to bring it to its normal position please send some solution for this matter.
    and little quick i m waiting for your reply.

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