Solution for redsn0w stuck at ‘Waiting to reboot’ message : iPhone, iPod Touch [Mac/Windows]

I was trying to Jailbreak an iPhone 2G, iPod Touch using redsn0w 0.9 and interestingly enough, had the same issue “stuck at Waiting to reboot” message in redsn0w in both instances. I tried both Mac OS X Leopard and Win XP with no avail.

UPDATE : I faced the same issue with iPhone 3G and 3GS too! Fortunately enough, it has a simple solution.

Solution : When you see the ‘Waiting for reboot’ message in redsn0w, unplug the USB cable from the iPhone and plug it back in! Weird but it worked in all attempts! It is a feature maybe!

screenshot 8

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    1. I tested it myself yesterday (3GS) and it worked great. In redsn0w, you browsed to 3.0 firmware and 3.0.1 firmware right?So when it says waiting for reboot, did you give it a minute or so? After that, did you just unplug the cable and plug it back in after about 3 secs?

  1. I have tried everything and yes I am using the 3.0 firmware- it stays stuck on "waiting to reboot" the phone never powers back on at all.
    I waited at least 20 min for it- then I retried and did the unplug USB and replug…still nothing.
    Any solutions?


    the solution to my problem was where I downloaded the 3.0 firmware–download from Quickpwn they have the correct firmware- I am happily up and jailbroken!
    Thanks for those that were helping!

  3. Guys

    If you have any problem (program is not working correctly) that appears when "waiting to reboot"
    just close redsn0w and run it again then go to task manager.
    go to Processes click right on redsn0w.exe, click set affility, check only one CPU.

    that is it try your redsn0w You SEE.

    It worked on my iphone 3gs new bootrom and 4.2.1 firmware

    any quistion leave a comment

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