GV Mobile on Cydia : Solution for Invalid Credentials and Login Info not saved

UPDATE : The issue has been fixed in the latest update released. Launch Cydia and update GV Mobile to v1.22.2 and you should be all set!

Sean Kovacs’ GV Mobile is no doubt the best native iPhone client available only on Cydia after Apple’s asinine decision to block all Google Voice related apps from the AppStore.


GV Mobile App suffered from some issues after Google Voice changes on the web front end. The two known issues being :

  • Invalid Credentials Error
  • Login Info not being saved (requiring username/password each time the app was launched)

Solution for Invalid Credentials Error

Launch Cydia and hit refresh. An update for GV Mobile App (v1.22) should appear. Install it and then launch the app. It is always suggested you launch Cydia from time to time to look for any critical updates.

Solution for Login Info not being stored

With the current iteration of GV Mobile app v1.22, login info is not being stored by default. It needs some permission changes as described below.

  • You need MobileTerminal app installed on your iPhone. If you don’t have it installed, fire-up Cydia and install it.


  • Launch Terminal app and type the following, (one after the other, each one followed by pushing the <return> button).
  • su
  • alpine <enter password>
  • cd ..
  • cd ..
  • cd Applications
  • cd “GV Mobile.app”
  • chmod 777 Settings.plist


This tip was tweeted by the developer himself. Post a comment if you are having issues with this process. The next update v2.0 of GV Mobile app may as well fix this issue soon.

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      1. i thought jailbreaking took away push notification and made it difficult to update when they update the OS. I don't have a warranty, so I'm not worried about that, but I still want everything to work… thoughts?

        1. Jailbreaking and push notifications are when you hacktivate, that is when you don't have an officical iPhoen contract. Everything should still work! What firmware is on the device? Check my latest post for detailed instructions…

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