iPhone 3G/3GS Baseband 5.11.07 Unlocked (Blacksn0w) by Geohot – Nov 4th ’09 Release!

Geohot did it again – the impossible! He hacked into Apple’s most secure baseband till date – 5.11.07 is now successfully unlocked and will be ready for general consumption come November 4th, 2009! He gave us 3.1.2 all device jailbreak and now blacksn0w! This kid sure is awesome – all props to Geo, the man!

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  1. Hello, I've got a following problem: I've got an iPhone 3G with 3.0 Software and 04.26.08. The problem is I do not have an at&t contract, except my gophone prepaid sim I took off from one of their gophones. I do have another sim card from at&t that is also a pre-paid card, but not assigned to any phone. I would like to use one of these sim cards for the time I am in the US, and when I'm going back to europe, I would like to use anothe card. When I got the phone, it was a new, not activated, not jailbroken, not unlocked. I started to do my research on this, so I did everything with iClarified tutorials, I have successfuly ( I think ) jailbroken my phone, then with ultrasn0w unlocked it, ( successfuly too, it is installed in cydia ). The problem is, that everytime I restar the phone ( switch it off, then back on ) it keeps saying: Waiting for activation, it may take some time, so basically the basic message when you pop your sim card in without jailbreaking and unlocking the phone. Now, what could I do wrong, why I don't get any service, can I restore my phone to one of customade software versions, with the same baseband that has been activated. My question is, what can I do to activate this phone, so any card can work with it. Thanks ! I'm working on Win. Vista.

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