How to Root Google Nexus One – Step by Step Guide!

Google shipped the Nexus One in record time (It took 22 hours from the time I ordered to the time I received it!). As always, I want more out of it, so I had to Root my device. I use both Apple and Android phones and the main striking difference between the two being – iPhone is a completely closed platform while Android is totally open source! Google’s flagship device, Nexus One was Rooted even before the retail version came out, that is how Google wants the user to enjoy his/her device – no restrictions, period!

I made a detailed step by step guide if you got a Nexus One. Google Nexus One and 3GS will be compared soon (video review).

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  1. It lets you run programs at a super special level (root) on your phone more like jailbreaking your iPhone. Google doesn't officially give access to low level stuff on the phone. This Root process bypasses that restriction.

    1. Not sure if it works with AT&T Nexus One since it is still at 2.1 update 1 and should be rooted to go to Froyo for now. I think they are still working the kinks out, but thanks for the tip!

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