Youtube on your Windows/Symbian mobile devices Officially!

No more visiting third party websites and no more waiting for the videos to be converted on the fly and stuff. Youtube presents us with a cool wap site wherein the video is automatically streamed.

On my Windows Mobile,the videos are streamed on Windows Media player while Real player/TCPMP/Coreplayer can be used to achieve the purpose. The video is a .3gp file,hence faster load times and smaller size. Youtube is in the process of converting all/most watched videos to 3gp. Currently only few videos are available though. Stay tuned for a Video of me watching youtube on my Windows Mobile 🙂

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  1. It is a hell of alot more beautiful an interface and easier to use with Apple TV. I have it and it kicks ass. So simple. Only six buttons to deal with. Finally! TV made simple.

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