[Special Offer] 8GB iPhone Comes Cheap; Sometimes!

UPDATE : Product on eBay sold out πŸ™‚ I have one more, post a comment if interested. Look back for more deals in the future.

Special offer to iLikeMyiPhone.com readers! Are you looking for the best deal for an iPhone? Look no further, jump on this deal! This item; an 8GB iPhone refurb can be bought on eBay, so it is the safest and most secure transaction! The iPhone will be shipped FREE, so you have nothing to lose!! Leave a comment here and make your best bid, I will then verify the bid on eBay and then decide on the winner πŸ™‚ Simple isn’t it?!

Details :

Brand NEW box packed 8GB iPhone
(refurb). Will be safely unlocked to 1.1.4 upon request. The winner can have a box-packed,sealed iPhone if you want to perform the unlock yourselves. Use it with any carrier!!


Wait not and hop on to this amazing exclusive deal NOW… You are guaranteed the best technical support on this site for FREE πŸ™‚ Don’t forget to leave a comment such that I can offer some goodies to the winner (iLikeMyiPhone readers).

7 Replies to “[Special Offer] 8GB iPhone Comes Cheap; Sometimes!”

  1. Hey iΒ΄m from germany and it is currently cheaper for us if one buys an iPhone in the US, even with shipping fee on top. So i would offer you 400 Dollar, but therefore you have to send it to germany and it must be able to use paypal as payment method! If you are intersted contact me via email!

  2. i will give you 300 to 350 if its brand new … i hate scratches and others

    I live in Canada… plz let me know

    Reply to me by email if interested

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