AppStore and are friends – Works fine on iPhone 2.0!

Thanks to iPhone devs, they have done it yet again, in style! Both the official apps and the unofficial apps work side by side like best friends! Stay tuned, iPhone devs worked way too hard for this and they are not accepting any form of donations. Please don’t donate to any paypal account, wait for iPhone devs if you really want to.

iPhone Devs iPhone 2.0

Appstore and

Complete instructions to follow very soon! Good news for all iPhone users. Visit iPhone Devs for updated information.

7 Replies to “AppStore and are friends – Works fine on iPhone 2.0!”

  1. I upgraded, even though I’ve never Activated the official way, once it “Restored” off of the backup iTunes saved, it skipped the Activation, but (of course) all my Apps were gone.

  2. Are you sure you are automatically activated after upgrading to 2.0 without a contract? iPhone 2.0 erases everything on iPhone, hence unlock will be lost, pwnage will be updated soon to counteract iPhone 2.0.

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