Downgrade iPhone 2.0 to 1.1.4 the BEST way (links) !

So, you are the curious type and upgraded to 2.0 though you had no intentions of signing an official contract? That has some serious outcomes wherein you have 3 options after the upgrade to 2.0 :

1) Sign a contract with the updated iPhone 2.0, you don’t want to do that do you?!

2) Jump ahead to, the best one out there! Pay close attention to DFU mode! Error 20 can be frustrating at times!

3) Wait for iPhone Devs to release an offcial tool (pwnage) real soon!

This post is an attempt to guide people trying to find the right solution. Got so many users complaining about the lack of a straight forward guide. did a great job, lemme know if I you need any further assistance…

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  1. hey guyz. Seems dere is no other way left beside waiting for pwnage tool as iTunes 7.5 has stop working every. I tried so many time to install it but for some reason it has error, ” iTunes library.itl cannot be read because the file is created by new version of iTunes.”
    Is dere n e solution u hav wid this prob?
    Ever I tried to run 7.5 on other machine too!!!
    Lemme know.

  2. @kandarp003

    All yaz gotta do man is go to the music folder under documents (or my music under my documents) and then go into the itunes folder and delete the two files called itunes library – dat solves ya problemski

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