iPhone 3G 2.2 Firmware Sim Unlock (Gevey SIM, Turbo SIM) Experiences

Update : Dev Team confirmed the release date for Software Unlock. Please steer away from x-sim unlock techniques. 2.11.07 is the best baseband for now. 2.28 baseband users : solution pending.

Apple’s iPhone 2.2 Firmware certainly sports some cool new features but is it worth taking the risk and¬†updating given the fact that it disrupts the ONLY available unlocking technique ( Sim Unlock ) ?

I have some iPhone 3G’s (bought from Canada) at my disposal and I first updated one of my iPhone 3Gs directly to firmware version 2.2 since I have an ATT account and it clearly breaks the Gevey SIM unlock hack due to Apple sneaking in a Baseband update with the new firmware release.

Take two, with iPhone Devs taking time off over the weekend to release Jailbreak techniques for the newly released firmware v2.2 , I Pwned one of my other iPhone 3G’s with QuickPwn when at firmware version 2.1 and then used Pwnage tool 2.2 to create this Custom Firmware v2.2 without the baseband update. Technically Gevey SIM should survive this update and while it did survive, I have been experiencing some flaky service issues. Not sure if it is with the Gevey SIM (I have more, so I can try with another Gevey SIM).

The power user I am, I should be able to narrow down the cause of an otherwise fantastic interim unlock for iPhone 3G v2.2 till iPhone Devs post a software unlock (hopefully SOON)!

Status : Please hold your horses and WAIT if you are relying on Gevey SIM for unlocking your iPhone 3G. This post will act as a placeholder for Gevey SIM and iPhone 3G, hence it will be frequently updated.

Interim Status :

EDGE and 3G Data works just fine

3G signal not the best, EDGE best

No Voice issues so far

iTunes Sync works just fine

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  1. guys plz help me i was 2.1 firmware i used universal-sim i had to upgrade to 2.2 and dicovered its not working so i restored back 2.1 and still didnt work:S can any one help me in thatotmail.com

  2. guys… i have a iphone 3g 2.1 and it is not jail broken yet. I need to restore the iphone to 2.1m however itunes says that 2.2 is available. while restoring wud it give an option to choose between 2.1 or 2.2 or else is it always 2.2 u restore to..


    1. Hi. The restore option you have to exercise in iTunes is hold the Shift Key (Windows) / Option Key (Mac) and then hit restore button to select the restore firmware of your choice from iTunes.

      If you never jailbroke your iPhone, you should go to the downloads section and use QuickPwn in 2.1 first and then try 2.2…. Be careful with the baseband!

  3. …i got a question for all you smart iphone users out there…I have the 3g 16gb iPhone, I bought it in the US and unlocked it right away using the gevey (turbo sim). I tried to use both my Swedish sim card and my american (at&t), they both worked great in the states i used my at&t for months. I upgraded to 2.2, and everything still worked fine. As i came back here to Sweden however and tried to use the swedish sim card again, it won't work…Everything worked fine in th US, but i can't get the Gevey to work with my swedish sim card here in Europe…what can i do about it?

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