Software Unlock your Apple iPhone 3G – Dummies Guide [Step by Step Videos]

For a change, I published 3 videos which definitely enables a total noob to unlock his/her iPhone without much difficulty. Latest Firmware via iTunes (2.2), QuickPwn (Jailbreak) and yellowsn0w via Cydia/installer (Unlock) hold the three key steps for a successful unlock.

Before proceeding further, make sure you are equipped with the following :

1) Strictly iPhone 3G Updated to 2.2 firmware via iTunes (2G iPhones have a different process – BootNeuter from Cydia).

2) Intel Mac (10.5.6 s/w update) or Windows machine. [Mac users, make sure DFU mode is enabled (10.5.6 s.w update and Unibod Macs have issues with iPhone not being recognized while Jailbreaking (QuickPwn).]

3) WiFi Network recommended. (If you don’t have a Wireless Router, try creating an Ad-Hoc WiFi network on your PC/Mac.

4) Make sure SIM Pin is disabled. Put your SIM in your old phone and disable the Pin.

If you are on the iPhone, click on the video title to watch it.

Video 1 : Intro to iPhone 3G Software Unlock and Jailbreak : Recommended for newbies, recent iPhone converts. Experienced users may proceed to the second video.

Video 2 : Jailbreaking your iPhone using QuickPwn [Mac and Windows versions are pretty similar : Download the latest version.] Feel free to skip to the third video if you have Cydia installed on your iPhone already.

Video 3 : Software Unlock iPhone 3G using yellowsn0w available via Cydia or

Please list your GSM network and Country where you unlocked your iPhone such that the iPhone community can greatly benefit. iPhone 3G software unlock is achieved by iPhone Dev Team. Please don’t spend time on x-Sim hacks and never pay for iPhone unlocking software.

Submit feedback at Dev Team’s site here. Check for the current unlock status in your country here.

57 Replies to “Software Unlock your Apple iPhone 3G – Dummies Guide [Step by Step Videos]”

  1. I recely unlocked my 3g iphone based on your video, I can access the internet but my phone does not get a signal, I am with rogers and I purchased the iphone from the us and it has an att sim card. Once I put my rogers sim card I cannot make a call, do you have any advise


  2. I am still waiting to get some help with my iphone I have jailbroken and Cydia and installer are on my screen I have WiFi but I cannot make or rec. calls I have version 2.2.1 and Firmware02.30.03 can anyone help

  3. Hello kiran, I am very new to this. I will be purchasing a iphone and 2 black berrys storms within a week.
    I have a few questions. I) can new iphones be jail broken and unlocked? 2) Is it the same for blackberrys as well? thank you for taking time to answer my questions.

  4. What!!!!! the 3g cannot be unlocked? when,when will they be able to? Ok then, I'm trying to avoid a high cell phone bill. Can I use a At&t prepaid sim card in the iphone? thank you for your time.

      1. thank you!!! sorry to bother you but I have one more question. Is jailbreaking just as difficult than unlocking a cell phone?I Will try to attempt to jailreak all 3 phones.

  5. When I try to run QuickPwn, it asks me to browse for firmware and it gives me this message "The correct IPSW will have a filename beginning with iPhone1,2_2.2.1" . How do I get past this screen?

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