Nexus One – Google’s Shiny New Hardware and their Dumb decision [T-Mobile/AT&T]!

Google’s Nexus One is one of the spiffiest mobile devices ever, packed with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 512 MB RAM. Hardware like this can definitely compete head-on with Apple’s iPhone 3GS.

Take a quick look at Nexus One’s capabilities :

Nexus One’s 3G Data Support : T-Mobile or AT&T?

The power packed Nexus One has support for Quad band Voice networks

GSM/Edge : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (Quad Band Voice and EDGE Data support – T-Mobile and AT&T in USA)

HSPA : 900/1700/2100 MHz (Only T-Mobile in USA, No AT&T)

Google chose T-Mobile for providing faster data support in lieu of AT&T which has a proven track record of faster data, thanks to the iPhone!

Google’s love for T-Mobile, a dumb move?

Let us take a quick look at the coverage maps for both AT&T and T-Mobile (as of December 31, 2009).

What is the big deal about 3G? EDGE is still there, right?

  • Carriers charge the same for 3G and EDGE data, so why not faster 3G than slower EDGE?
  • 3G enables you to talk and browse the internet at the same time while EDGE just lets you do one thing at a time.
  • If you browse a lot with EDGE, your calls are often routed to Voicemail. You missed a call and that defeats the purpose of a mobile phone! This is one of the biggest disadvantage of EDGE.
  • Save a lot of time by not waiting for the websites/videos to load/download by using 3G data.

3G Data Coverage Map for AT&T :

3G Data Coverage Map for T-Mobile :

Voice Coverage Map for AT&T :

Voice Coverage Map for T-Mobile :

We can clearly see so many green spots but as well as it might look on map, in reality it is different. Here is how T-Mobile describes the Best/Good/fair signal strengths.

Is this how ‘Best’ signal strength be described? Calls indoor are dependent on the materials used for construction?

This must be a joke! Calls only outdoors in most places?

Calls sometimes within a home? This challenges the definition of a mobile phone!

If you occasionally travel throughout the US, you will hate yourself for choosing T-Mobile! Google chose T-Mobile despite their horrendous voice/data service, and they call the device ‘unlocked (for $530)’ for any GSM network but the best carriers in US and Canada aren’t capable of 3G data support on the Nexus One.

Some unanswered questions :

  • What good is an advanced device if it cannot do high speed data on worthy carriers?
  • How ‘dumb’ can Google be by making such a decision?
  • How difficult is it to include 850 MHz capability in a top-class device? While Sony Ericsson can include penta-band (universal high speed data support)  in some phones, why can’t Google?
  • Does Google expect us to rely on Google Voice alone by subscribing to T-Mobile’s data only plan thereby eliminating the need for Voice plans?

It is surprising to see that Google took such a ‘dumb’ decision with its first hardware offering. You might as well wait for an update version of this device if you are in the U.S or Canada. European countries and T-Mobile customers (U.S) are all set to use this marvelously crafted device from Google.

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  1. I switched from the i-phone to the nexus one…best switch i ever made. no more dropped calls, signal everywhere, cheaper plans, updated 3g, oh yea and did i mention no more dropped calls?

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