Apple iPad – To Buy or Save the $$$? An if-then-else guide to make the right decision!

If (You are looking to buy the Kindle or Nook)

  • Then Buy the iPad!

ElseIf (You like reading e-books on a portable device)

  • Then Buy the iPad! Remember, it may hurt your eyes if you stare at it for long hours.

ElseIf (You are an Apple fanboy/fangirl with a good paying job)

  • Then Buy the iPad!

ElseIf (You have an iPhone and a Laptop)

  • Then why bother?!

ElseIf (You are interested in full blown web browsing)

  • Then sorry, iPad doesn’t do flash, so no flash based video sites even with good hardware!

ElseIf (You want a full OS to do everything you do on a computer)

  • Then look out for HP Slate with Windows 7. iPad OS is limited.

ElseIf (You want a portable, feature rich tablet)

  • Then look out for Dell Mini 5, iPad is not pocketable with a 10 inch display!

I am not against the iPad or Apple. I love Apple for their no-bs products, technology, innovation. Apple started off with an awesome idea creating a new product line that is portable and multi-touch enabled but an iPhone/iPad OS is limiting the functionality of an otherwise amazing hardware (1 GHz processor and half a gig’ RAM). Apple set its sights on the SDK and the 30% revenue from app sales while completely ignoring the productivity aspect of the iPad. If you are hell-bent on buying the iPad, get the iPad 3G version. That way you won’t repent later and you get better resale value!

p.s : Feel free to add more If Then Else comments below and spread the word thereby saving money in these tough economic times!

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