Secrets you should know about iPhone 4 – Micro SIM, AT&T’s Dirty Tricks and more

iPhone 4 is awesome with stunning hardware, looks making all other iPhones feel dumb and stupid! Apple cleverly left out ‘G’ from ‘iPhone 4G’ hinting at an impending iPhone 4G rollout expected in 2011. iOS name is licensed from Cisco to differentiate iPhone OS 4.0 from iPhone 4 I believe. There are some things we should be aware of before starting to obsess about the iGadget of the year!

AT&T’s Dirty Tricks yet again

AT&T is doing everything possible to tap the existing users into 2 more years of iPhone contract by offering early upgrades – as early as 6 months! Not every one is eligible though. Only high $$$ paying customers are invited. Rest all are ignored. When was the last time any US carrier did that? Two strong reasons for their sudden change in $$ hungry behavior :

  • iPhone possibly moving to other carriers. By soft-forcing existing customers to two more years, they ensure you either stick with them or pony up the enormously hiked ETF. Verizon is a strong contender by the way.
  • It is confirmed that another iPhone is due next year given the yearly release schedules and AT&T’s LTE rollout in 2011. I bet users will have no choice but to buy iPhone 4G for full price rather than upgrade prices.

Smart move there AT&T. Well, we are smarter!

Apple going with Micro SIM

Micro SIM is not a standard in the cellular industry. Can a device manufacturer dictate terms to the carrier? You betcha! Thats what Apple has been doing thus far. Keep in mind, a Micro SIM won’t let you swap SIMs as easily as 1-2-3 limiting device choice more like CDMA. CDMA phones aren’t easily swappable. You have to talk to your carrier for that. In a similar fashion, you will have to exchange SIMs with AT&T if you choose to use a different handset. Apple probably may win few potentially Android inclined customers by adopting this new standard.

iPhone 4 is a data hog. Watch out users, your carrier is laughing at you!

Most Wireless Carriers are all about limiting users’ data usage these days. AT&T and Apple deceived users into a data-cap (2GB) which was once unlimited.

Imagine sharing a video shot using HD Video recording with 5 MP camera!

Apple’s FaceTime calling (video calling) with front facing camera is awesome, but hey it taps into your data usage big time (WiFi for now but I am sure 3G will be supported soon or else it is a disappointingly implemented feature).

Unlimited data is now required for the iPhone more than ever. If you didn’t lock-in to AT&T’s unlimited data plan yet, you may well be out of luck. Be prepared to pay $10 per GB (over the limit) or run for the nearest WiFi hotspot ruining iPhone 4’s amazing data capabilities. Don’t even think of the 200 MB data plan if you are going to get the iPhone 4.

It all boils down to the following :

  • Try buying iPhone 4 without contract if you may and keep your options open when the big LTE launch is under way by most wireless carriers.
  • Hope you have the unlimited data plan already, trust me it is going to save you from a surprisingly painful bill!
  • Tame your hardware skills if you plan on using the same Micro SIM in other phones. A 3rd party adapter may do the job though.

Images, courtesy of Apple

26 Replies to “Secrets you should know about iPhone 4 – Micro SIM, AT&T’s Dirty Tricks and more”

    1. Thanks Chris! Well I have to get it given that I am toying with iPhone SDK. Dell Streak is next, it will be interesting! I wish Apple went with a bigger screen with the iPhone 4 though…

      What about you?

  1. Early July was Dell's reply. Not so sure if that still holds given iPhone 4's release date cos' it is going to blow the Dell Streak away. Dell Streak was never aimed for the common man anyway, so we may even see it at unlocked (around $500~$600)…

  2. $10/GIG is actually a HELL of a lot cheaper than any other overage charges out there. Not disputing the need for unlimited data, but I think that needed to be said. Verizon for example charges $100 a gig.

    1. Well, Verizon is a whole different bal-game given that it is a CDMA network. AT&T+Apple started off with unlimited data and then decided to cap the data plan when it is needed the most. Extra GB adds up and whats with additional tethering plan but still the same 2GB overall?! Insane if you ask me…

  3. Well if a sim adapter will do the trick for us…then it looks like TurboSim will finally get a piece of the unlocking pie….poor guys always trying to get our business with the obsolete accessories….

    …Great post btw Kiran very informative….

    1. TurboSim technology is outright obsolete! Software unlocking is the way to go. Micro SIM adapters are like $5 or so. We can use Micro SIM to switch the SIM from iPhone 4 to 3GS/3G or another phone and even the iPad!


  4. i dont see much point in getting the new iphone now because
    1.there will still be lots of bugs jailbreak/unlock
    3.they will just bring out the 4g later on in the year

    1. 1. Bugs with software can always be squashed with software updates!
      2. Jailbreak/Unlock will follow soon. iOS 4 is already jailbroken..
      3. iPhone 4G will be here next year this time, not in 2010…

    1. I called at&t today trying to setup my tethering and I was told by them that I need to change my unlimited 30. per month to the 45. per month. I said forget it. I don't want to lose the 30. per month.

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